RYAN SEACREST, American television host, born; According to Forbes Magazine, Seacrest reportedly makes over $20 million a year. In March 2006, he was photographed kissing actress Teri Hatcher, who later told Access Hollywood that she was “not attached.” Seacrest also stated on The Ellen Show that he, “went out with Teri Hatcher a couple times, but that was it.”

Due to his longtime-bachelor status, rumors have persisted that Seacrest may be Gay, due partly to the sometimes flirtatious banter between Seacrest and American Idol judge Simon Cowell. To date, Seacrest has steadfastly denied ever having a Gay relationship, although he acknowledges “having no problem” with having Gay fans.

In a 2003 interview, Seacrest answered Gay rumors in an interview with the weekly entertainment magazine Steppin’ Out, “I’m trying to think of the best way to describe the feeling I get when I hear that particular rumor. I am a certain way. I am relatively clean cut and I do like to shop for clothes. If I had to break it down stereotypically, that would be a Gay male habit. Well for me it’s not. It’s a straight male habit.” Stuff magazine called him “the American poster boy for metrosexuality.” While denying the Gay rumors, he does not shy away from activities that might further fan the rumors’ flames. In 2005, Seacrest sat as “Queen” of the annual Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood.

One might almost expect him to adopt a child one of these days.