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White Crane Journal explores gay spirituality to uncover the variety of the manifestations of spiritual quest among contemporary gay men, and to reclaim their place in the development of human consciousness, committed to the intuition that gay consciousness plays a special and important role in the evolution of life on planet Earth.

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White Crane is a 36 page printed magazine mailed to subscribers four times a year. It is available in select gay bookstores in the United States and by mail worldwide.

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White Crane, #58 Fall 2003



The most constant reminder to us of our homosexuality is being attracted to certain of the men we meet in the routine activities of our lives and seeking to recognize in them both reciprocal interest and a mutual experience of being attracted to other men. We look for gay men around us and are generally aware of them when we see them. And we look for men we find attractive in order, at least, to experience the joy of beholding male beauty. Indeed, we live in a web of desires, hopes, expectations, judgments, and self-judgments--all revolving around being attracted to other men.

In addition to discussion of male beauty, sexual attractiveness, and psychodynamics, like Jungian anima/animus, this topic includes the subject of gaydar and the experience of feeling part of a timeless "gay brotherhood."

Issue #58 Attraction

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in Summer 2003 issue

Call for Submissions


WCJ Winter 03
will features articles
from the last seven years of White Crane's editorship
under Toby Johnson.

Readers are invited to write us regarding favorite articles from the past. We won't be accepting new material, except for book reviews. Letters to the editor are always welcome.


The Spring 2004 issue will be on Elders.

"A society that no longer respects its elders is a society that has lost touch with its history and its very grounding. Gay culture, so often a leader in so many ways, and yet at the same time so focused on beauty and youth, as a rule, is one rich with ancestors, teachers and elders of all ages and sizes, and of both sexes. How do we recognize our Elders? How do we treat our Elders? What respect is owed to them? What care and response-ability do we have to them? Who are they? Who do you look up to as your predecessors, your teachers, your path makers? What are the traditions that teach us how to work with and leam from our elders and become elders ourselves? As we age, we all become elders. What kind of elder will you be?"

Deadline for this issue: February 1st, 2004


The Summer 2004 issue will feature articles on the topic of Marriage.

"Will you marry me? So sweet and innocent a question and yet somehow it sendspoliticians, fundamentalists and even those who seemingly would not deny gay people most other civil equalities off the deep end of rhetoric. What do you think? Do you want to marry? Should we try to emulate a failing heterosexual institution? Or could we offer a better way and save ourselves a lot of craziness? Should we even use the term? Is it simply a matter of civil rights? How do you feel about being scapegoated for the failures of heterosexual marriage? What is marriage anyway? Where does it come from? How do you experience is in your life? What great "tradition" do we threaten with our desire to make commitments to one another? Are lasting commitments anathema to gaiety? How do we go about them without ape-mg the traditions of heterosexuals? How did you get married? Do you dream of getting married? What is this all about anyway?"

Deadline for Summer issue: May 1st 2004


Contributions are invited on these
--and any other--topics of interest to a gay readership.

White Crane is always interested in book reviews of titles related to gay men's spiritualites.

We're also interested in B&W line drawings.
Artists are invited to contact us about subject matter for graphics.

For further info, see Call for Submissions

About Toby Johnson, WCJ Editor

White Crane is edited and published by gay writer Toby Johnson whose books include the Lambda Literary Award-winning gay science fiction novel SECRET MATTER.

About Bo Young, WCJ New Editor

With issue #59, Bo Young will be taking over the role of General Editor of White Crane Journal. Dan Vera will take over as Associate Editor
Read about The Near Future of White Crane Journal

White Crane Journal's Associate Editor and Poetry Editor is Bo Young. White Crane welcomes poetry submissions -- especially related to the featured theme of an upcoming issue. Read About Bo Young for poetry submission guidelines.

Bo Young has an interesting, even uplifting, article on being HIV positive
on the AIDS MEDS website. Living with HIV: A Personal Testimonial

email Bo Young: WhtCraneJournal@aol.com

Check out

Other gay spirituality sites on the web

Things of Note:

gay evolution

There's a wonderful website at GayEvolution. Opportunities to post gay-sensitive solutions to the world's problems. Post articles, chat with fellow gay world-changers.

The Dalai Lama says:

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."
"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for
complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
the philosophy is kindness."

"We can live without religion and meditation,
but we cannot survive without human affection."



Ko Imani writes heartfelt and insightful --and very appealing--columns on a variety of gay spiritual and gay political subjects. He is author of the forthcoming book
Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War.

The Vatican has recently issued a major attack on gay and lesbian rights. The Australian Rainbow Sash Movement has issued a ringing response. Read

The Vatican Attacks

An article from the Village Voice about Father Mychal Judge the gay priest who was killed in the WTC rescue effort.

List with photos of all the
gay victims of 9/11

For information about anything and everything in the gay world at least in the US and Canada, check out the
Gayellow Pages

Here's a lovely meditation on creating peace by conscious breathing

Gay Retreats
at Findhorn in Northern Scotland
Oct 4-11, 2003, and other dates

Most of the books reviewed in White Crane Journal or mentioned in these web pages (including White Crane Journal itself) can be ordered mail order from Lambda Rising in Washington DC (202-462-6969) or online from A Different Light Bookstore.

White Crane editor Toby Johnson recently attended the Fall Conference of the Atlanta-based Gay Spirit Visions. What a wonderful time! Check into this at www.gayspiritvisions.org


Toby Johnson's boyhood friend, writer and consciousness explorer Whitley Strieber has a wonderful essay about the nature of religion. Click on the title to go to Whitley's website: Religious Fanatics and the Ruin of the World

The INTERNATIONAL GAY AND LESBIAN REVIEW (IGLR) covers all subjects relating to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Electronically published by the University of Southern California, IGLR aims to post reviews of as many books as possible on the internet.

Joseph Kramer's New School of Erotic Touch video training in spiritual aspects of massage and masturbation.

We Are One: the message of A Story of the Self, a neat little internet movie by a young black man in England with a beautiful spiritual message

Alyson Adventures offers adventure travel and active vacations for gay men, lesbians, and friends. 1-800-8-ALYSON. Both under new ownership, Alyson has merged with Hanns Ebensten Travel.

Gay Male Life connects gays across generations and builds awareness of the opportunities and challenges for us gay men as we age.



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