Fall 1997 (#34): FAIRIES

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I Believe in Fairies


a feature series on the Faerie Movement

Editor's Note on Fairies Toby Johnson

"Attending a Faerie Gathering" Morley Chalmers

"Night on Short Mountain" Bo Young
These two articles recount Faerie Gatherings, one in Canada, one in the U.S. They both provide a nice peek into the fun and adventure of faerie gatherings.


"Radical Faerie Transformation" N .A. Diaman
By longtime gay novelist Nikos Diaman, this short autobiographical sketch illustrates the appeal of the movement.

"Harry Hay, Radically Gay" Walter Robinson PhD
In part a book review of Radically Gay, edited by Will Roscoe, this article discusses the important thought of Harry Hay, founder of The Mattachine Society and one of the founders of the Radical Faeries. In many ways, modern gay liberation can be traced to Hay's initial work.

"Contradictory Views on Radical Faerie Thought" Mitch Walker
This thoughtful piece by another of the group of men who issued the original "Call for a Spiritual Conference of Radical Faeries," from which developed the Radical Faeries per se, distinguishes between the ideas of Harry Hay and those of San Francisco gay activist and writer Arthur Evans, whose book Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture inspired a S.F.-based Faery Circle.

"On Being a Radical Faerie! Weeeee!" Steven Lewis
This article, by a Chicagoan not particularly connected with the loose organization of the Radical Faeries, demonstrates that being a "faerie" is more a state of mind than an institutional allegiance.

"A New Kind of Gay Science" Douglas Sadownick
Originally a letter to the editor of the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, this article by an L.A.-based psychotherapist and accomplished writer calls for a new way to synthesize psychological thinking with gay activism.

"Why Do They Hang Up A Dead God?" Bobby Gray
Subtitled "A Wiccan looks at Christian symbols, mysteries & actions in the modern church," this piece critiques the place of magic in religion, arguing that Wiccan and Faerie thinking makes better use of such "powers" than institutional Christianity.

"Farmers' Arizonan" Mark Thompson
This whimsical news report by an influential gay writer and former Advocate editor plays up the difference between gay faerie consciousness and conventional thinking. Thompson's new book, GAY BODY, a fascinating blend of memoir and archetypal analysis of the gay psyche, will be released by St. Martin's Press in November 97.

"Gay Meaning" Arthur Evans
The influential writer and organizer explains the "faerie" motivation for his newest book CRITIQUE OF PATRIARCHAL REASON.

"Radical Faeries" Cassell's Encyclopedia
An entry excerpted from Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit by Randy Conner, David Sparks, and Marija Sparks.

"Joseph Campbell: 'Why fairies fly...'"
A whimsical piece quoting Joseph Campbell's discussion of a notion in James Frazer's GOLDEN BOUGH of how costume and demeanor sets sacred persons off from the everyday and, mythically, insulates their "magical or taboo power"

"Bodhisattva Watch: Georgie"
Even in lyrics by pop singer Rod Stewart, the image of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara shines forth in the person of a lovable and beautiful gay man.


"Pride, Prejudice, Segregation and Spirituality" Don Clark, PhD
A short piece by proto-gay psychologist and author of LOVING SOMEONE GAY reminds us that "you must do something as a gay person in order to earn gay pride."


"Book Excerpt: Critique of Patriarchal Reason" Arthur Evans
A brief excerpt from Evans's new book recounts how a hidden nature religion (referred to negatively by Christians as paganism) survived through European history.

"Review: Between the Cracks Gavin Dillard" Thomas Thurston
A review of The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse, edtied by Gavin Dillard ("the Naked Poet").

"Review: Que(e)rying Religion by Gary Comstock and Susan Herking" from Second Stone
A review of an anthology of articles about gay people and religion and spirituality.

"For Your Information"
White Crane's listing of personal ads, announcements, and calendar of events.