Winter 1998 (#35): PRAYER

This issue features articles on "Prayer" -- i.e. what such a traditionally "religious" idea might mean today in a context of gay consciousness.


The wonderful cartoon on the cover of this issue generously contributed by Donelan was supposed to go on last quarter's issue on the Faerie Movement. It arrived too late. It has an appropriateness for this issue with its feature section on prayer. The magical Fairy with all his smiling goodwill carries a political sign (that is also a thrysos, as David Cohen will tell us about) that is an example of prayer-in-action, and prayer based in compassion. The intention that rises from attention on the pink triangle is the reminder Never Again. And the little Fairy, politically correct in the best sense of being conscious of the consequences of one's actions on others, signs in ASL the attitude of lovingkindness, the proper basis for all intention.


Here's the Table of Contents:

Editor's Note Introduction to Prayer feature

A Re-Membering David S. Cohen

United Religions Conference Address Christian de la Huerta



Ritual as Prayer Robert Barzan

Celebrating Your Whole Self Camilo Delgado

Fasting as Prayer Rev. Mel White

I'm Not Sure About Prayer Chip Hedges

Prayer as Life Michael Cardona

The Reality of God Matthew Link

Some Thoughts on Prayer Ralph Walker

Poem: Prayer Thomas Ramey Watson

Prayer in the Ages of AIDS Philip M. Kayal

How is Meditation Prayer? Daniel Helminiak

The Lavender Healing Network Jason Serinus


Bodhisattva Watch: The Vows

Joseph Campbell: Om Mane Padme Hum

Who Are the Third Sex in the 20th Century? Timothy J. Leary

Excerpt: Two Spirit Warrior John R. Stowe

The Death of the Beat Generation Jesse Monteagudo

Review: In the Lap of the Buddha by Gavin Harrison Steve Otjen

Reviews: The Human Core of Spirituality by Daniel Helminiak; 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke Toby Johnson

Quote: Gerald Heard

For Your Information