Spring 1998 (#36): AGING & Gay Men's Relationships

Some Surprising Accounts


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Gay Male Life connects gays across generations and builds awareness of the opportunities and challenges for us gay men as we age.

Editor's note on Radical Sexuality


Toward a Radical Gay Sexuality by Jay Turner


Dealing with Love and Lust by Bert Herrman


Excerpt: Two Flutes Playing by Andrew Ramer


Aging and Gay Men's Relationships: A Feature Section

Reflections on Cross-Generational Relationships by Bo Young


Confessions of a Geezer Queen by Bob Anderson


Cycles in Time by Toby Johnson


Daddy & Son? The Complex Web of Younger/Older Relationship by Matt Link


Daddy... Boy by Bobby Gray


Poem: Reflections by Thomas Ramey Watson


Jesus & Socrates by Toby Johnson


On Being a Mentor by David O'Quinn


A Hindu God Gives Queer Prasada by Ozmo Piedmont, PhD

Bodhisattva Watch: A Bodhisattva Vows...

Joseph Campbell: Permit the next moment...


Reasons by Dano Ray Pierce


Quote: by Leo Tolstoy

The following words appear across the screen at the conclusion of the Audrey Hepburn/Mel Ferrer movie of Tolstoy's War and Peace:


The most difficult thing -- but an essential one -- is to love life, to love it even while one suffers. Because life is all. Life is God. And to love life means to love God.


Poem: Ode to Sam Grey by Ron Bluestein


Review: Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol & Spirit by Conner, Sparks & Sparks reviewed by Susan Raffo


Review: Critique of Patriarchal Reason by Arthur Evans reviewed by Toby Johnson


Review: The Erotic Contemplative by Michael Kelly reviewed by Dan O'Riordan


Call for Submissions:

The next issue of White Crane, scheduled for the Summer Solstice 1998, will feature articles on Gay Archetypes and Archetypal Awareness. What myths are gay men living out? Consciously? Unconsciously? For their own, and the world's, betterment? Or for their unwitting self-destruction? The Fall '98 issue will feature articles on "God": What does this notion mean in terms of today's scientifically and psychologically sophisticated cosmology? Is "God" personal? What is meant by Meister Eckhart's saying "The eye with which I see God is the eye with which God sees me"? What does gay perspective allow us to see about "God" that others may not?

The Winter '99 feature will be on Healing; Spring '99 on Gaia. Contributions are invited on these -- and any other -- topics of interest to a gay readership.


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