Summer 1998 (#37): GAY ARCHETYPES

This issue features articles by

Will Roscoe, author of the newly released CHANGING ONES: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America,

Mark Thompson, author of GAY BODY,

Men in Touch , director of Light Touch Retreats,

Mitch Walker, author of VISIONARY LOVE...

and lots more...

With wonderful art work by John Steczynski


Table of Contents


Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Archetype of the Gay Entrepreneur

Gay Archetypes & Archetypal Awareness: A Feature Section

Archetypes Will Roscoe

Archetype of the Sames Mark Thompson

Graphic Expression John Steczynski

The Shadow Men in Touch

Exile John Stowe

What Are Gay Role Models? Ron Adams

Are Gay Men More Spiritually Mature? Bill Hopkinson

Quote: Spiritual Evolution Gerald Heard

The Archetype of Gay-Centeredness Mitch Walker

The Male & Female in All of Us Michael Millett

Quote: The very best of what America can be Torie Osborn

Joseph Campbell: Boonbringers

Bodhisattva Watch: Avalokitesvara at the baths Toby Johnson

Poetry: Wildflower Seed Bo Young

Midnight Plane V.K. Jairath


Review: Gay Body by Mark Thompson Bob Anderson

Review: Essential Gay Mystics by Andrew Harvey Dan O'Riordan

Review: Changing Ones by Will Roscoe Randy Conner

Review: Queer Dharma by Winston Leyland (Gay Sunshine Press) Alan Oliver

Review: The Principles by Orland Outland Kip Dollar

Letter to the Editor

Call for Submissions

For Your Information