Bodhisattva Watch: We shall pay

The Bodhisattva Spirituality of Mahayana Buddhism is called The Way of Joyful Participation in the Sorrows of the World. It is not escape from the world. It is a radical engagement with the world, seeing that the world is the mode of incarnation of the One Being. Thus ecological concerns are part of this Way of Participation

It is said the Cumaean Sibyl offered nine books of prophecies to Tarquin the Proud, King of Rome. He refused her price as too high.

She went away and burned three of the books and offered him six for the same price. He refused, so she burned three more. At last he grew frightened and paid for the remaining three books of prophecy the price she had asked for nine. We shall do the same with our environment. Whether it is the treasury of the rain forest, or the air we breathe, we shall someday pay whatever is asked for whatever is left.

----Allison Jolly, primatologist and former Earthwatch scientist, cited in Earthwatch Institute Bulletin

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