Summer 1999 (#41): DISCLOSURE

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Editor's Note 3

Disclosure: A Feature Section

---- Mutual Self-Disclosure in Healing Fred Schloemer, Ed.D., LCSW

---- Visions of Stonewall Jesse Monteagudo ---- The Gay and Lesbian Century Jesse Monteagudo

---- Thirty Years After Stonewall Ron Adams

---- Disclosing Shadow to Self: The next stage of gay liberation Mitch Walker

---- Disclosure of Identity: Reclaiming the Bear Man Spirit Andrew Brooks

---- Disclosure: Coming Out is a Drag A. C. Dampier

---- Nature’s "Biological Exuberance"

---- United Outcasts Richard D'Ambrosia

---- Spiritual Identities Christian de la Huerta

---- Appleseed John Michael Jensen


Poetry: Poem of Summer 1971 David Cohen

Bodhisattva Watch: Tonglin Al Cotton

Joseph Campbell: Doors will open

Art: "In the Woods" Gary Myrick

Review: Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair John J. McNeill Daniel Helminiak

Review: Spiritual Direction of the Gay Person James L. Empereur Robert Goss

Review: The Red Thread of Passion David Guy John Ballew

Review: The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told Paul Rudnick Kerry O'Quinn

Review: The Will Roscoe lectures Jason Serinus

Review: Friendly Competitors, Fierce Companions by Frank Leib & Best Erotic Fantasies by Harold Litten Ralph Walker

Review: The Cosmic Tribe Tarot James Green


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