Winter 1999/00

Violence & Non-violence

Issue #43

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Violence & Non-violence: A Feature Section

Soulforce: The Contribution of Gandhi & King Mel White

Reflections on Non-Violence, Gandhi and The Power of Soulforce John Stasio

Jesus' Third Way of Facing Oppression and Violence Charles M. Bidwell

Origins of Violence Joseph Kramer

Consecrating Heroes Richard D'Ambrosia

My Experience in Lynchburg Lee Ellis

Cross Roads Bo Young

Short Story: In the Gap Thomas Ramey Watson

Gay Spirituality Bro. Johannes Zinzendorf


Bodhisattva Watch: Matthew Shepard Bodhisattva

Joseph Campbell: That one too is the God.


Hyacinthine Love Bill Weintraub

Grief, Redemption, & The Gay Male Belly Mark O'Connor

Interview: Dionysian Politics Arthur Evans

The Sacred Power Of Being Gay G.W. Hardin

Review: Last Rights by Marvin K. White Timothy XX Burton

Review: Emotional Freedom Technique from Ralph Walker Toby Johnson


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