Summer 2000


Issue #45

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Table of Contents


Editor's Note: Compassion as the Basis of Morality

Compassion: A Feature Section

Cosmological Roots of Compassion by Christian de la Huerta
(excerpted from Coming Out Spiritually)

On Increasing the Compassion in Your Life by Charles Bidwell

Cut Roses by Bo Young

Compassion as the Basis of Universal Religion Swami Vivekananda

No Room for Compromise by Bishop John Spong

Metta--or Loving Kindness--Meditation by Mark Marion
(excerpted from Queer Dharma 2, edited by Winston Leyland)

Sex As Compassion and Transformation by Starwolf@2000

Lambda Theology: The Role of Mirroring by Mitch Gould

Practice Compassion by Patrick Welage

There is No Reality but God by Toby Johnson
(excerpted from In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld)


Poetry: The Empath Dan Stone

Dan's Shoes Bo Young

The Night of Compassionate Touch Dan Vera

Matthew's Lullaby Perry Brass


Compassion, Korea, & The Little Prince by Don Dimock

A Plea for Hatred by Hank Malinowski


Bodhisattva Watch: The Lord Who Is Seen Within

Joseph Campbell: Schopenhauer on the Will to Live


Letters to the Editor

Reviews: The Transforming Power of Illness by William Kaufman

The Other Side Magazine , reviewed by Toby Johnson

God's Gay Tribe by M.R. Ritley, reviewed by Scott Isebrand

Genre Magazine Spirituality Issue

Gay Spirit Warrior by John R. Stowe, reviewed by Steven Lewis

Angel Lust by Perry Brass , reviewed by Toby Johnson

Openly Gay Openly Christian by Samuel Kader, reviewed by Toby Johnson

Call for Submissions

For Your Information