Spring 1997 (#32): SANCTUARY


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The Sun is My Sanctuary by Arthur Berns

Astrologer-metaphysician Arthur Berns discusses the need for an "oasis" during times of major change. This can be both practical and symbolical. Edwin Steinbrecher's "sexual physics" base Bern's discussion.

Sanctuary of the Tao Lands by Bert Herrman

Bert Herrman is a significant figure in the gay publishing world. Since his 1990 book BEING, BEING HAPPY, BEING GAY, Bert's small effort at self-publishing has grown into a successful publishing company and, more importantly, into a major gay-genre book distributor.

Nasalam: The Vision of an Erotic Spiritual Community by William Uriel Andros

Nasalam is an intentional community on twenty-one acres of rolling hills on the Ozark Plateau in Missouri.

Millthorpe Farm: The Labor of Edward Carpenter

One of the "Fathers" of gay spiritual awareness lived on a seven acre farm in Derbyshire, England. It became a place of pilgrimage to many in the progressive movements of the day. It represents a model for future rural communities.

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary

In the Faerie tradition, a new Sanctuary is being developed in Western New Mexico inthe mountains near Gallup.

The Clear Light Colonyby Toby Johnson -- [Click title to read about a fictional gay utopian colony based on Carpenter's precedent]


Travel offers opportunity for finding Sanctuary. Whether billed as "spiritual" or just as "adventure," gay-led tours provide experiences outside the normal, everyday world. With the passing of the old religious forms, "pilgrimage" is now called "vacation." But the phenomenon is often the same. Brief descriptions of Adventures are highlighted by "Spirit Journeys," "Lizard Head Backcountry Tours," "Alyson Adventures," and "Brothers Together"

Joseph Campbell and the Doors You Didn't Even Dream Existed by Toby Johnson

Joseph Campbell, though not himself gay, offered a way to think about truth and religion that seems especially appropriate for gay people. The attitudes that follow from his matter-of-fact and compassionate way of looking at things would result in the world of acceptance and honor we as gay people long for.

Joe said "Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."

Conference Center Project by Fred Sparkman Models of Sanctuary run from the post-religious "freelance monastery" to the hippie-inspired "back-to-nature commune," the "utopian colony," the country bed and breakfast, to the financially-endowed conference center. Here's a proposal for a retreat based in the model of the corporate conference center.

Utopias & Dystopias by Randy Conner, David Sparks, and Mariya Sparks

An excerpt from Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol, and Spirit. The Encyclopedia is a cornucopia of queer spirituality, containing over 1500 alphabetically arranged and cross-referenced entries. 380 pages, Hardcover, $21.95 (To order from Cassell's call 1-800-561-7704.)

an excerpt from BEING, BEING HAPPY, BEING GAY by Bert Herrman

Books and Videos by Bert Herrman are available at gay bookstores nationwide and by mail from Alamo Square Distributors, P O Box 14543, San Francisco CA 94114. Send for specialty brochures: SM/Leather/Fetish; Cross-dressing & Gender Dysphoria; Books for Gay Men & Lesbians.

Review: Joseph Kramer's EVOLUTIONARY MASTURBATION by Robert Barzan

Review: Elton Johns' LOVE SONGS by Toby Johnson