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    About Bo Young


    The Joseph Campbell Connection


    Spirituality and Gay Identity


    St. John of the Cross and the Dark Night of the Soul


    Avalokitesvara at The 21st Street Baths


    Winter 1997 (#31): EXERCISES IN SPIRITUALITY

    Bodhisattva Watch

    Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Vision

    Metamorphosis: Simple Exercises in Spirituality

    Spring 1997 (#32): SANCTUARY


    The Clear Light Colony by Toby Johnson

    Summer 1997 (#33 ): LIFESTORIES

    "I Want to Know Them All"

    Fall 1997 (#34): FAIRIES

    Editor's Note on Fairies

    Contradictory Views on Radical Faerie Thought

    Gay Meaning

    Winter 1998 (#35): PRAYER

    Introduction to Prayer feature

    How is Meditation Prayer?

    The Lavender Healing Network

    Who Are the Third Sex in the 20th Century?

    3001: The Final Odyssey

    Spring 1998 (#36): AGING & Gay Men's Relationships

    Editor's note on Radical Sexuality

    Toward a Radical Gay Sexuality

    Reflections on Cross-Generational Relationships

    Confessions of a Geezer Queen

    Critique of Patriarchal Reason

    Summer 1998 (#37): GAY ARCHETYPES

    Editor's Note: Archetype of the Gay Entrepreneur


    Spiritual Evolution

    The Archetype of Gay-Centeredness

    Review: Gay Body

    Review: Changing Ones

    Review: The Principles

    Fall 1998 (#38): "GOD"

    Editor's Note: The Meaning of "God"

    God of the Body

    God Approves

    God Doesn't Have Genitals

    Eckhart's Eye

    Sacred Sex: How to Live an Erotic Life

    Review: Religion and the Human Sciences

    Winter 98/99 (#39): HEALING

    Editor's Note on Healing

    Tending Soul in the Age of AIDS

    Healing to Self-Realization

    Zoroastrianism & Sexual Hygiene

    The Mysticism of Andrew Harvey

    Spring 1999 (#40): GAIA

    Ever Recurring Spring

    Our Place in Gaia

    Homosex and Population Control

    Bodhisattva Watch: We shall pay

    Lover of My Soul

    Summer 1999 (#41): DISCLOSURE

    Visions of Stonewall

    Disclosing Shadow to Self

    Bodhisattva Watch: Tonglin

    Review: Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair

    Review: The Red Thread of Passion

    Fall 1999 (#42): GRIEVING AND DYING

    Making Love to the Crucified Christ

    Good Grief: How to do it well

    Is AIDS Bereavement Unique?

    Burnt Offerings

    Poem: Point Loma Tidal Pools

    Books with a Message


    Winter 1999/20 (#43): VIOLENCE AND NON-VIOLENCE

    Reflections on Non-Violence, Gandhi and The Power of Soulforce

    My Experience in Lynchburg

    Cross Roads

    Hyacinthine Love

    The Sacred Power Of Being Gay


    Spring 2000 (#44): FOOD AND SPIRIT

    Editor's Note

    Talking on Eggshells

    Serving the Spirits

    Hungry Ghosts

    Translating into Chocolate

    To the Editor: response to Hyacinthine Love


    Summer 2000 (#45): COMPASSION

    Editor's Note

    Cosmological Roots of Compassion

    No Room for Compromise

    Metta Meditation

    Cut Roses

    Compassion, Korea and the Little Prince

    A Plea for Hatred

      Fall 2000 (#46): SOLITUDE

    table of contents

    Editor's Note

    Activism, Contemplation, And The Mystical Body

    Coming Out as an Angel

    Lessons in the Silence

    Restoring the Real Magick of Daily Life

    Every Life Emanates Outward

    Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility

    Working With AIDS Bereavement

    Letters to the editor


    Winter 2000 (#47): THE WORD
    table of contents

    Editor's note

    Interview with Neil Douglas Klotz

    Art: Jonathan and David

    Suggested Reading

    Opening Old Gates

    Who Are the Gay People?

    Letters to the Editor


    Spring 2001 (#48): THE SHADOW
    table of contents

    Editor's note

    The Shadow Saga

    Shadows Within Shadows

    Reclaiming Gay Shadow

    The Fearful As Shadow

    Book Reviews

    Lammy Nominees


    Summer 2001 (#49): LOVE & JOY

    Editor's Note

    SPECIAL FEATURE: Interview with Neale Donald Walsch

    Miracles Around Us

    Homosexuality is Spirit's Joy

    Mindful Masturbation

    It Is, After All, a Spiritual Journey

    Book Review: The Direct Path by Andrew Harvey

    Book Review: Christopher Isherwood by David Izzo

    Continuation of Full Disclosure


    Fall 2001 (#50): GENDER

    Editor's Note

    My Life as an Intersex

    The Myth of Hermaphroditus: The Embodiment of the Struggle to Integrate Both Genders

    Questions of Gay Gender and Culture

    A Sexual Stockholm Syndrome

    Back Into The Future: Transphobia Is My Issue Too

    When I Was Born

    Book Review: Scared Straight: Why It's So Hard to Accept Gay People And Why It's So Hard to Be Human by Robert Minor

    Book Review: The Black & White Book: Two Sides to Every Story by R.P. Moore

    Book Review: It's All God by Walter Starcke

    Book Review: Gay Tantra by William Schindlee


    Winter 2001-02 (#51):INTENTION

    Principle and Perception Walter Starcke

    Let Us Pray for Our Enemies Clayton Gibson-Faith

    Seeing with Different Eyes Toby Johnson

    Fiction: Dream Lover Matin K. Smith

    Outspirit James E. Nicholson


    The Third Testament by the Brothers Zinzendorf Steven LaVigne

    Beloved Testament by E.J. DiStefano Steven LaVigne

    Red Heifer by Luther Butler Steven LaVigne

    Mortal Love by Franklin Abbott Kevin Bothwell

    IN MEMORIAM: R.I.P. George Harrison Toby Johnson


    Spring 2002 (#52):PLEASURE

    Editor's Note

    Oh, Moment Javier Millan

    Of Pleasure and Gay Holiness Donald L. Boisvert, Ph.D.

    Somebody Turn on a Light! R.P.Moore
    Orgasm John Ballew

    Poetry: Dionysius in the Labyrinth Phillip Andrew Bernhardt-House



    In The City Of Shy Hunters by Tom Spanbauer Mountaine

    Sex,Orgasm, & the Mind of Clear Light: The 64 Arts of Gay Male Love by Jeffrey Hopkins Toby Johnson

    The Gay Kama Sutra by Colin Spencer Toby Johnson

    Essays on Gay Tantra by William Schindler Toby Johnson

    This year's Lambda Literary Award Finalists in Religion/Spirituality


    Summer 2002 (#53):ALTERED STATES

    Editor's Note

    Altered States: A conversation with Rudy Ballentine about Tantra and Altered States of Being Agnes Dei

    Every Breath You Take Stephen McDonnell

    Ecstatic Dance Balance Janeson



    Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths by Andrew Calimach Steven LaVigne

    Godtalk: Travels in Spiritual America By Brad Gooch Steve Bolerjack


    Fall 2002 (#54): MARGINALITY

    Editor's Note: Walkers of the World's Wierd Wall

    Changing the World from the Margins David Nimmons

    Floating off the Page Ponderiver

    Already There Ralph Walker

    Wherefore Gay Spirituality or How Queer Can the Sacred Be?
    Donald L. Boisvert, Ph.D.

    Outside Looking In Edward J. Ingebretsen

    Faith Gary T. Boswell

    The Lone Rangers Among Us Schu Montgomery

    Gender at the Margins Ted Senecal


    Winter 2002 (#55): GAY PRIESTS

    Editor's Note: In Hoc Signo Vinces by Bo Young

    Bodies Under Scandal, Bodies Under Law Rev. Edward J. Ingebretsen

    Archbishop Rembert Is My Brother Brother Jerome

    The Life of Pi by Yann Martel Reviewed by Bo Young

    Leading The Parade: Conversations with America's Most Influential Lesbians and Gay Men by Paul D. Cain Reviewed by Jesse Monteagudo

    Secret Places: My Life In New York and New Guinea by Tobias Schneebaum Reviewed by Mountaine


    Spring 2003 (#56): PILGRIMAGE

    Editor's Note: St. Peregrine by Toby Johnson

    The Art of Pilgrimage David Frechter

    Zuni Mountain Sanctuary Events

    The Road to Parnassus Robert Samson, D.D.

    Journeying Bo Young

    About the Near Future of White Crane Journal Toby Johnson


    Summer 2003 (#57): RESISTANCE

    Editor's Note: "Don't Fight It" by Bo Young

    Being Peaceful : An Interview with David McReynolds Dan Vera

    The Art of Resistance Tim Miller

    Bodhisattva Watch: No Resistance Toby Johnson

    Poetry: The Job Darrell Grizzle


    Books Reviews:

    People Farm by Steve Susoyev reviewed by Toby Johnson

    The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers by Joe Babcock reviewed by Steven LaVigne


    Fall 2003 (#58): ATTRACTION

    Editor's Note: The Most Common Reminder by Toby Johnson

    Two of Cups by Stevee Postman and Eric Ganther

    Gay Intuition by Toby Johnson

    We Recognize Each Other by Dr. Li

    The Magick of Soul Mates by Christopher Penczak

    Orgasm Everlasting by Daniel Helminiak

    Through a Steam Room, Darkly: Sexuality, Cruising and Intimacy by Stephen Mo Hanan

    Short Fiction: Fairy Tale by Martin K. Smith

    Attraction to Gay Spirit Community by Patrick McNamara

    Bodhisattva Watch: C.S. Lewis & the Great Dance Toby Johnson


    Books Reviews:

    Damages by Bazhe reviewed by Steve LaVigne

    Sex and Heaven: Catholics in Bed and Prayer by John Portmann reviewed by R.A. Horne

    Open Your Mind, Open Your Life by Taro Gold reviewed by Toby Johnson

    Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War by Ko Imani reviewed by Toby Johnson

    The Man Jesus Loved: Homoerotic Narratives from the New Testament by Theodore Jennings reviewed by R.A. Horne


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