Summer 1997 (#33 ): LIFESTORIES


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"I Want to Know Them All"


This issue of White Crane features a number of short autobiographical sketches. Let me set the stage for your reading with a quotation from the novel Demian by Herman Hesse. (Hesse's is not one of those names you find in lists of homosexuals of the past, but many of his novels dealt with emotions gay men can readily identify with.)

But every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again. That is why every man's story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of every consideration. In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross.

. . . Each represents a gamble on the part of nature in creation of the human. We all share the same origin, our mothers; all of us come in at the same door. But each of us --experiments of the depths--strives toward his own destiny. We can understand each other; but each of us is able to interpret himself to himself alone.

Feature Articles:


Seeking Wholeness by N.A. Diaman

Exploratory Thoughts by Rob Stuart

God in the Flesh by Bo Young

Discovery a Special Identity by Toby Johnson

Talk About It by Julian Spalding

Book Excerpt: sex death enlightenment by Mark Matousek

As Dragonflies Draw Flame by G.M. Hopkins

Joseph Campbell on Living and Dying

"I Want to Know Them All" by Houston Wood Click on title to read article



Knitting in Public: On the Common Root of Conservatism and Homophobia by Stephen Mo Hanan

". . . the whole of humanity is our posterity. Obviously the Giver of Life keeps turning us out to replenish it with our imaginations, to offer visions of worlds unseen before, to pioneer them. To think boldly. Cultures, like individuals, evolve by letting their minds open. . . A forthcoming generation, whose enjoyment of the planet's resources will depend largely on the choices we make now, needs us to be wise uncles."

Gays and Homophobes by Jon Eric Labman

". . . we're going to have to be the ones to take the high road; we're more able to relate to them than they are to us. The only thing that will help "straight" homophobes to lose their fear is our coming out to them and telling them who we are. Attacking them won't help."

Christianity and the Problem of Adulthood by Thomas M. Thurston

"Lamenting the lost joy of youth is a waste of time; it is supporting the efforts of Maya against the Great Work. Being an adult means coming out. Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Only by rejecting the myth of the happy childhood and salvation by grace alone can we begin searching for our role in the Great Work."

Review: GOSPEL by Wilton Barnhardt by Toby Johnson

"While not a specifically "gay novel," Gospel discusses issues of homosexuality throughout Western culture, always coming down on the correct side of the issue -- from the questionable and ambiguous sexuality of Jesus and the disciples to the real life tragedy of that of one of the main character's own son.

A veritable treasure trove of facts and stories about the history of Christianity and the real meaning of Christ's teachings, Gospel is a wonderful read."

A Call for Help by Bo Young

"I am writing to ask for your help. The faerie community of New York and New England needs a place to Gather. We're looking at land in Vermont. No bank is going to loan mortgage on undeveloped property and certainly not to faeries. We don't think the money for this property is beyond the means of the faeries to collect. . . and we are asking for our brother's and sister's help.

Please send contributions (checks made out to "Destiny") to: Destiny Lodge P.O. Box 8175 Burlington, Vermont 05402-8175"


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