Fall 1998 (#38): "GOD"

Table of Contents

Editor's Note: The Meaning of "God"

"God": A Feature Section

Gay Men & God Fred Schloemer

Excerpt: Religion & the Human Sciences Daniel Helminiak

Horny Gods Walter Robinson

God of the Body Robert Bahr

God Approves Stephen Mo Hanan

God is the Greatest Orgasm Joseph Kramer

God Doesn't Have Genitals Charles Bidwell

Eckhart's Eye Richard Woods

God as Many as the One Javier Millan Poetry: Dagon Dan Vera

I don't believe in Him Perry Brass

Joseph Campbell: The nature of God

Bodhisattva Watch: Rejoicing in Diversity

Gerard Manly Hopkins: Pied Beauty

A Drop in the Ocean Tim Leary

Homosexuality & Past Lives Michael Millett


Review: The Other Side of Silence by John Loughery Steve Lewis

Review: Balancing Heaven & Earth by Robert A Johnson Toby Johnson

Review: Religion and the Human Sciences by Daniel Helminiak Toby Johnson

Review: Only the Good Parts by Daniel Curzon Toby Johnson

Poetry: Compulsory Reading Steve Otjen

Communities: Sanctuary of the Tao Lands Bert Herrman; Nasalam Community William Uriel Andros

Letter to the Editor

New from White Crane Press: Sacred Sex: How to Live an Erotic Life

Call for Submissions

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