Sacred Sex: How to Live an Erotic Life

by Robert Barzan

New from White Crane Press

Imagine sex as part of your spiritual path; a path free of guilt and shame, and full of wonder, pleasure, and depth; a path that is life giving and healing. Imagine sex as a valued means of learning about yourself, other people, and the world around you; sex as a profound revelation of some of the deepest mysteries of the universe. You can begin living a sex life that does this right now. The suggestions in this booklet will start you on the way to uncovering what is in every cell of your body: the power, wisdom, and holiness of sex.

-- Explore the relationship between the sexual and the erotic

-- Details of how erotic based people world-wide used sex as part of their spiritual path

-- Learn what makes sex erotic

-- Concrete suggestions for making your own sex life more erotic and a vibrant part of your spiritual path

-- Learn the difference between a healthy and unhealthy spiritual path

-- Discover how to integrate your sexuality with the rest of your life

-- Examples of how to bring sacred sex into your solo and relational sex life

-- An annotated resource section with dozens of books, tapes, videos,and organizations

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