Fall 1999 (#42): GRIEVING AND DYING

Table of Contents


Art: Meditations on an Iconography for Chthonic Grief John Steczynski

Editor's Note: Making Love to the Crucified Christ

Grieving and Dying: A Feature Section

---- Good Grief: How to do it well Reverend Charles Bidwell

---- Is AIDS Bereavement Unique? Peter Goldblum, PhD, MPH

----Pleasure, Happiness and Joy Paul Borja & Krandall Kraus

---- Eye of the Storm Thomas Rockman Jr.

---- An "Expert" Opinion Lee Richard Raden

---- Uncommon Exodus: Grieving the Loss of Your Heterosexuality Kevin R. Roeder, MSW

---- Poem: Grieve for the Loss of Circumspect Edward Jeffrey Hale

Special Poetry Section:

---- Burnt Offerings: An Essay Bo Young

----"We Journey Not Alone"/Leaf In The Wind Steve Pickford

---- AXIS Ron Mohring

---- Call If There's Anything Ron Partridge

---- Poem: Point Loma Tidal Pools James E. Wolfe

---- Relic Bo Young

---- Harrowing Thomas Ramey Watson

---- Spring and Fall Gerard Manley Hopkins

Bodhisattva Watch: Walking Bewtween Worlds

Joseph Campbell: Grieving Joe's Death--with wonder

Difference Versus Indifference Michael Werner

What is the Billy Club, anyway? Timothy Goodwin

Review: Books with a Message: Toby Johnson
-- High in the Andes by William Kaufman
-- Planet of Darkness by Jerry Belvo
-- Where the Rainbow Ends by Jameson Currier
-- Every Man For Himself by Orland Outland

Review: Gay Widowers by Michael Shernoff Steve Lewis

Announcement: Queer Corners by Donald Olson

Review: On the Wings of Heaven by G.W. Hardin & Joseph Crane John Hoffman

Call for Submissions

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