Spring 2000

Food & Spirit

Issue #44

Special Edition with Guest Editor Bo Young
and graphics by Bob Sink

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Table of Contents


Editor's Note: Body and Soul

Food & Spirit: A Feature Section

The Art of Cooking Bob Barzan

Grace: Eating My Way to Heaven Hank Malinowski

Talking on Eggshells: The Art of Pysanky Paul Wirhun

Blood Simple Bo Young

Daily Bread: The Necessity of Rising Nilos Nevertheless

Hungry Ghosts: Ruminations on Fasting Dan Stone

Serving the Spirits: Food Mandalas & Radical Faeries John Dabel

Bill of Fare -- Recipes


Glossolalia, Tom Ramey

Spirits, Dan Stone

A Perfect Morning, Bo Young

Pascal Mysteries, Paul Wirhun

The Feast, Michael Wisser

Footnote to Howl, Jim e Sparkle Pants

The Search, Bo Young

Book Reviews

Bardo by Krandal Kraus Toby Johnson

The Elusive Embrace, Desire & the Riddle of Identity

by Daniel Mendelsohn Walter Wadas

How to Survive Your Own Gay Life by Perry Brass Toby Johnson

Just Desserts

Translating into Chocolate Johnathan Mack

To the Editor: Response to Hyachinthine Love

Bodhisattva Watch: My Fellow's Body as Myself

Joseph Campbell: Each As The Other's Food

Call for Submissions

For Your Information