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Editor's Note Bo Young

Feature Section: The Word

An Interview with Neil Douglas Klotz Dan Vera


Jesus and the Centurion's Slave Boy Daniel Helminiak

Encountering Apocalypse: Text and Context John Steczynski

The Right To Be Spiritual Patricia Nell Warren




A House Divided: The Impending Kairos for Science, Religion, and the Human Race Arturo Angel de Jesus Garcia-Costas

Art: Jonathan and David Jim Ru

The One, True Faith Charles E. Galvin, Jr.

Suggested Readings

Poetry: Constant Conversation Rumi

Poetry: The rose of Glory Rumi



Hinduism, Homosexuality & Queer Identity Ozmo Piedmont PhD

Poetry: The Basis For All Metaphysics Walt Whitman

Poetry: David's Lament 2 Book of Samuel

Science Fiction and Modern Mythopoesis Toby Johnson

Opening Old Gates Andrew Ramer

Who are the Gay People? John Burnside


Bodhisattva Watch:

After everyone else gets to evolve

When a person is truly grounded in his spirituality, he could not be less concerned with exclusion or intolerance or being better-than. They are far more focused on becoming as loving and open a human being as is possible for them. Their rights and wrongs emerge from a deep soul-searching and introspection that leads them to develop a respect and love toward all their brothers and sisters. Far from being concerned with who gets to evolve and who doesn't (whether it is to a heaven or some other concept of an afterlife), they work toward all beings ascending toward the next, higher plane.


In fact, in certain Eastern philosophies, the very point of spiritual growth isn't to ascend first, but to ascend last, after everyone else gets to evolve-with your help! As opposed to interpretations of holy writings where the focus is on sins and rewards, these teachings emphasize instead the unity and wholeness achieved through inner contemplation, spiritual lessons, and the welcoming of all beings. Quite a different approach to evolution from what we here in the West are used to!

from Empowering The Tribe: A Positive Guide to Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem by Richard L. Pimental-Habib



Joseph Campbell: What is the secret of the timeless vision?

What is the secret of the timeless vision? From what profundity of the mind does it derive? Why is mythology everywhere the same, beneath its varieties of costume? And what does it teach?

Today many sciences are contributing to the analysis of the riddle. Archaeologists are probing the ruins of Iraq, Honan, Crete, and Yucatan. Ethnologists are questioning the Ostiaks of the river Ob, the Boobies of Fernando Po. A generation of orientalists has recently thrown open to us the sacred writings of the East, as well as the pre-Hebrew sources of our own Holy Writ. And meanwhile another host of scholars, pressing researches begun last century in the field of folk psychology, has been seeking to establish the psychological bases of language, myth, religion, art development, and moral codes.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces p 4

While not himself gay, Joseph Campbell taught--and popularized--a vision of religious meaning and mythic evolution that gay people can embrace. Keeping alive this vision is the work of the Joseph Campbell & Marija Gimbutas Library on the campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute near Santa Barbara. Membership in the Library supports the kind of revolution in religion most of us seek. Write Campbell & Gimbutas Library, 249 Lambert Rd, Carpinteria CA 93013


Faeries: Visions, Voices & Pretty Dresses by Keri Pickett Steve Lewis

Gay Spirituality: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness by Toby Johnson Dennis Padde

Empowering the Tribe: A Positive Guide to Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem by Richard Pimental-Habib Toby Johnson

In the Arms of Africa: The Life Of Colin M. Turnbull by Roy Richard Grinker Bruce Grether

Vertical Intercourse by Paul Reed Toby Johnson

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