Jonathan and David

by Jim Ru

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1 Samuel 18:3 Then Jonathan and David

made a covenant, because he loved him

as his own soul.


1 Samuel 18:4 And Jonathan stripped himself

of the robe that [was] upon him,

and gave it to David, and his garments,

even to his sword, and to his bow,

and to his girdle


1 Samuel 20:4 Then said Jonathan unto David,

Whatsoever thy soul desireth,

I will even do [it] for thee.


1 Samuel 20:17 And Jonathan caused David

to swear again, because he loved him:

for he loved him as he loved his own soul.



1 Samuel 20:41 David fell on his face to the ground,

and bowed himself three times:

and they kissed one another,

and wept with one another,

until David exceeded.


1 Samuel 20:42 And Jonathan said to David,

Go in peace, for as much as we have sworn

both of us in the name of the LORD,

saying, The LORD be between me and thee,

and between my seed and thy seed for ever.

And he arose and departed;

and Jonathan went into the city.


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