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Free Creative Residencies

at the Hermitage, Pitman, Pennsylvania

The Hermitage, a queer intentional community, announces its free summer residencies for 2003. This summer will emphasize creativity in the arts and crafts. Gay male artists and craftsmen are invited to apply. The idea of the residency is to provide time to create in a pastoral farming environment amid the peacefulness of nature, removed from urban distractions. The focus is the process of creation, the contemplation, the joy, of being creative, whether professional or amateur.

The nature of the arts and crafts is not restricted: among those considered are music, painting, film making, dancing, acting, writing of all kinds, as well as traditional and contemporary crafts. Bring your group, troupe or yourself.

The Hermitage has tools, supplies and work space for blacksmithing, wood-working, furniture making and restoration, antique car restoration, sewing and tailoring, timber-framing and log construction, open-hearth cooking, brick oven baking, pottery, fiber crafts (especially flax and wool), print making and letter-press printing. Other crafts are encouraged and eligible for those who can provide their own tools and supplies. Note that arts and crafts are not taught during the residencies. Those accepted are expected either to know the basic skills required by their disciplines or else are interested in expanding the range of their skills.

The residencies are scheduled for the weeks of June 21-29, July 12-20 and August 9-17. The Hermitage provides room, board and plenty of creative time in exchange for a modest work requirement (two to three hours daily). The application process is simple: a resume and a letter of intention regarding your goals for the week.

For more information, contact Johannes Zinzendorf via mail at The Hermitage, Pitman, PA 17964 or via email at Website at
Veteran Gay Activist Arthur Evans, author of Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture, has a website at
Learn better ways to relax yourself and those you love. Men's Magical Mystical Massage in the Coal Harbour area of Vancouver.

No More Fat Bears- A Healthy Guide and Cookbook, Vol.1, a cookbook by gay spirit enthusiast--and White Crane contributor--Penn Collins (aka Two Ravens Talking). Who, along with his partner have now lost over 90 lbs. The book is vegan friendly (tho some dishes like Autumn Pork do not translate) With notes and tips on healthier eating.
Community Awareness Transgender Support,
homeless shelter for transgendered persons, needs your help.

Life OUTside, New GLBT Radio Newsmagazine. Solid Reporting and Tantalizing Guests Deliver News and Talk on Entertainment, Politics, Healthcare and More. On 70 radio stations across the country and on the Internet at
Check out Robert Samson's
Psychological Astrology
Psychological Astrology approaches the time-honored science of astrology with modern psychological and spiritual insights

An interesting book that's come to White Crane's attention is The Flesh of the Word by Richard Rosato. It's about a gay man who receives the stigmata. It's available at Then search for "Rosato" (Review in #56)

Here's an interesting article called "
Gay Love as a Spiritual Path" by William Schindler that discusses tantra, gay perspective, and spiritual practice.
With a section on Ramakrishna as a gay model.

White Crane contributor Greg Kasperek has a webpage at
Cosmic Revelations. Very interesting story of Greg's personal experience. Link of page about his books on metaphysics and spiritual cosmology.

Siskiyou County, Northern California & Blythe CA in the desert. Free camp for gay Christian men who love nude camping, swimming in Klamath River. Primetimers with their own RVs welcome. Tent space available. For info, contact
Glass Painting & Stained Glass Design by Wil Biggers, www.BiggersGlass (864) 292-6216. Email: Wil's illustration on page 4 of this issue is available full size (12x15) for $45 plus $5 s&h. Contact Wil directly or Toby at WCJ.
Tell Me What Home is Like, a book by John Vore, investigates priestly sexual abuse at Notre Dame.

Twin Oaks

an intentional community/ecovillage of 100 people living on 450 acres, sharing values of non-violence, egalitarianism, spiritual diversity and queer-friendliness. We invite you to visit or join us! Contact 138-WC Twin Oaks Rd, Louisa VA 23093, Phone: 540-894-5126,


How It Happens: a poem by Berkeley Smith


Health / Sexual / Emotional "Problems" Can Be Opportunities Within A Tantric Context Rudy Ballentine brings experience from a career in holistic medicine and psychiatry into his present work as Tantric teacher and coach for men. One on one consultations or ongoing work, in person or by phone.For more information or to schedule an appointment, write to or call 718 549-7610 and visit


Former Catholic Religious and current massage therapist looking to connect with other gay men on a deeply spiritual journey who are living in or visiting the Los Angeles area for conversation and friendship. Dave (323) 460-4071


Please help this gay man prove his innocence by providing info about Digital Photo Enhancement Technology. Write to: G. Henry #67112, P O Box 3400, Florence AZ 85232. URGENT!

Follower of Priapus, cock worship in a serious manner. Join me in the worship of the phallus and find truth and happiness. Contact Francis 514-482-1926, PO Box 1164, Stn H, Montreal H3G 2N1. Be proud and hard in his honor! The personal homepage of Darrell Grizzle, a large but friendly Dancing Bear. Explorations in Creation Spirituality, healing, and non-violent activism.


"Éin the woods" is a gay, clothing optional, member's only campground, owned and operated by avid gay campers who understand the needs of today's outdoorsman. To our customer's, we provide a safe haven to meet other's, relax and get back to nature.

The Art of Loving Community Retreats, Dawn Manor, Livingston NY (914) 439-5815

Brothers Together Retreats, community, Boston Area. John Stasio (617) 247-3964

Celebrating the Body Erotic Tantric workshops. 510 653-1594.

EroSpirit by Joseph Kramer. Video/audio spiritual & sexual courses, P.OB. 3893, Oakland CA 94609, www., 800 581-3303.

Gay Buddhist Fellowship, S.F. 2261 Market St #422, S. F. CA 94114 (415) 974-9878.

Atlanta's Gay Spirit Visions

Gayoga International Clearing House. email:

L.A. Gay Zen Buddhist Group P.O.Box 29750, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Light Touch Retreats Sequoia Thom Lundy, counseling and bodywork. Vancouver, Canada, (888) 731 4441 (604) 731 4441,,

Q-Spirit, San Francisco, directed by Christian de la Huerta. 3739 Balboa St #211, SF, CA 94121 ( 415) 281 9377

Spirit Journeys organized by David Frechter, Gay spirit travel, workshops, and retreats. (800)490-3684

The Loving Brotherhood Monthly newsletter, events at The Barn (country retreat in NJ), pen-pals. Send SASE to TLB, Box 556, Sussex NJ 07461

Alyson Adventures offers adventure travel and active vacations for gay men, lesbians, and friends, in many parts of the world. Check out, call 1-800-8-ALYSON, or write to Alyson Adventures, Inc, PO Box 1638, Key West, FL 33041-1638

Alyson has now merged with Hanns Ebensten Travel offering upscale travel and unusual experiences--like staying in Greek monasteries.

The Third Testament

The Brothers Johannes and Christian at The Hermitage at Mahantongo Spirit Garden have produced a "concluding section of the Holy Bible," based in their years of contemplation and work in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. The Third Testament furthers the evolutionary path of spirituality by taking it into a post-Christian phase in which every person can come into direct contact with the Divine. Bro. Johannes Zinzendorf is a regular contributor to the gay press nationwide. The Third Testament is available in spiral bound format for $7 (incldng postage). Write: The Hermitage, RD 1 Box 149, Pitman PA 17964,
Robert Alvarez, Psychic Advisor

My name is Robert Alvarez. For more than 15 years, I have been giving Psychic Tarot Readings. I am here to guide you in all matters of your life, esp. man-to-man relationships and being on a Spiritual Path. As a Gay man myself, I know it can be frustrating when questions remain unanswered and inquiries remain silent, withholding information. I would be honored to assist you on your journey towards Love, Wholeness, and Spiritual Evolution. Please feel free to contact me via my voicemail system or Email. My voicemail number is 1-800-645-3819, my Email address is Remember: There are no accidents in the Universe. Be well.


Mortal Love: Selected Poems 1971 - 1998 by Franklin Abbott is available from White Crane for $11 plus $3 s&h. More than a volume of poems, part spiritual autobiography, part grimoire the book can also serve as a guide/companion for awakening and deepening gay spirit. Reviewed in WCJ #51.

Books by Perry Brass: Mythic science-fiction, beautiful and illuminating poetry and insightful cultural criticism. How to Survive Your Own Gay Life ($11.95), The Lover of My Soul: Poetry ($8.95), Mirage: 10th Anniversary Edition ($12.95), Angel Lust ($12.95), his newest Warlock: A Novel of Possession ($12.95) and others are available from White Crane Journal. Send price of book(s) plus $3 p&h to White Crane.

Mystical Gay Novels by Toby Johnson: Getting Life in Perspective: a ghost story ($11.95); Secret Matter, soft sci-fi ($10.95); Plague: A Novel about Healing and A Course in Miracles ($7.95). White Crane Journal and Toby Johnson's novels are distributed to the trade by Alamo Square Distributors, POB 2510, Novato CA 94958. Please ask your local bookseller to stock them.

Also: winner of a Lammy Award for 2000, Gay Spirituality: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness (Alyson Books, $13.95). Available at your local gay bookstore or by mail from White Crane ( pls add $2 p&h).

Mortal Love: Selected Poems 1971 - 1998 by Franklin Abbott is available from White Crane for $11 plus $3 s&h. More than a volume of poems, part spiritual autobiography, part grimoire the book can also serve as a guide/companion for awakening and deepening gay spirit. Reviewed in WCJ #51.

The Insatiable Adventures of the Eunuch Monks of Krat
by Tucker Lieberman. A surreal fantasy about five castrated slaves and their journey to freedom and general irreverence. $17.84 paperback, $8.00 eBook. Xlibris Corp., 436 Walnut St, 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 1-888-795-4274

The Journal of Nasalam an erotic spiritual community for gay celebrating the power of cock. 1 yr/$15, sample $4. Nasalam, 864 N Ranch Rd, Fair Grove MO 65648, 417-759-7854.

ReCreations: Religion & Spirituality In the Lives of Queer People ed. Catherine Lake (Queer Press of Toronto). Available from White Crane at 10% off the $14.95 cover price, free postage & tax. Send check for $13.45 to WCJ.

RFD: A Country Journal for Gay Men Everywhere. $25 one year subscription (4 issues) $7.75 sample copy. Box 68, Liberty TN 37095

Touching Body & Spirit, quarterly journal of gay men's spirituality and sexuality by Sunfire. The TBS Network, POB 957, Huntington NY 11743. Write for a free copy.

White Crane Press: Sex And Spirit, edited by Robert Barzan. Articles from the first 21 issues of White Crane. $10.95 + $1.50 p&h. (CA residents add sales tax); Critique of Patriarchal Reason by veteran gay activist Arthur Evans, the spirit of the Stonewall era applied to the great questions of meaning and value. $29.95 + $3.25 p&h (CA residents add $2.40 tax). Erotic Discernment: The Art of Making Good Decisions by Robert Barzan, $3.95 (includes postage and taxes). White Crane Press, 404 Patrick Lane, Modesto, CA 95350

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary near Gallup NM,

Contact Balance at or 505 783 4002.

Celebrating the Body Erotic

Tantric workshops. For schedule, call 510 653-1594. If you haven't done it, now's the time to do The Body Electric.

Touching Body & Spirit

A quarterly journal of gay men's spirituality and sexuality. The TBS Network, POB 957, Huntington NY 11743. Write for a free copy.

Texas Faerie Connection

Hyperion & Swami
Gay Spirituality by Toby Johnson

The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness

¥ A bold declaration of the place of gay consciousness in the modernization of religious and spiritual thinking ¥ Alyson Books ¥ 296 pages ¥ Softcover ¥ $13.95 ¥ ¥ Available at all gay and lesbian community bookstores nationwide and over the web. AND from White Crane (pls add $1.50 p&h)