Gay Men’s Health Leadership Academy


You are invited to participate in a groundbreaking Leadership Academy
that will provide you with the skills and support needed to lead pioneering work
to improve the health and well being of gay men’s communities and subcultures.

Open to men and women of all sexual and gender orientations
who are seeking to make a difference in the future of gay men’s
health, at the local and national level.


March 21-24, 2008
Wildwood Retreat Center, Guerneville, California

The Leadership Academy is a sponsored project of the White Crane Institute.
Please find out more about the White Crane Institute at

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About the Leadership Academy

A growing gay men’s health movement has achieved major
achievements over the past ten years, including:

the birth of new organizations that are shepherding innovative approaches to
the broad range of issues faced by gay men’s communities and subcultures
the organizing of a new generation of men and women to fight for gay health
and build community nationwide the creation of a new model of health promotion,
focused on supporting gay men’s commitment to one another the development
of exciting new programs and campaigns to promote the assets
of our strong gay communities.

This growing movement requires a new generation of leaders of all ages who are willing to go back to their home communities and lead the fight for innovative strategies, organizing, and programs. With the skills you develop at the LEADERSHIP ACADEMY you can become part of a national movement to:
  • create programs that build upon the strong strengths and assets of gay men
  • toss out shame and fear and panic as central strategies for health promotion
  • celebrate the strategies that work!

Team Leaders

The Legacy of Eric Rofes

Eric Rofes was a long-time community organizer and activist and a professor of education at Humboldt State University. He was the founder of the national gay men’s health summits and convener of the first three summits in Boulder, CO and Raleigh, NC. He authored of ten books, including The Kids’ Book of Divorce – By, For, and About Kids; Reviving the Tribe: Regenerating Gay Men’s Sexuality and Culture in the Ongoing Epidemic; and Dry Bones Breathe: Gay Men Creating Post-AIDS Identities and Cultures.

Sadly we lost Eric in June of last year. We continue the work of the academy as a tribute to his work — work he most assuredly wanted continued. May we gather in memory of his life and his commitment to building a healthier community filled with love for ourselves and each other.

March 21-24, 2008
Wildwood Retreat Center, Guerneville, California

The Spring, 2008 Leadership Academy will be held at beautiful Wildwood Retreat Center, in Guerneville, Sonoma County, California north of San Francisco.


All registrations and payments must be received in full one week prior to
the scheduled academy
. Only 40 participants are allowed for each academy,
so please register early.

You can register by filling out our registration form, printing it out and mailing it in.

Registration is not complete until payment is received.

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Remember: All registrations and payments must be received in full one week prior to the scheduled academy.

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