Sponsored Projects

The following are projects that have received
support and/or sponsorship from White Crane Institute.
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towards programs of this caliber.

Fellow Travelers
Portraits of Gay Liberation Pioneers
by Mark Thompson

Gay Men’s Health Leadership Academy
Cutting Edge Work in Gay Men’s Health

Harvey Milk Memorial
San Francisco City Hall

White Crane / James White Poetry Prize
For Excellence in Gay Men’s Poetry

OutWrite Authors Series
Washington DC Writers Series
In collaboration with the DC Center

Queer Spirit
Claiming Our Power • Creating Community
Salt Lake City, Utah

Split This Rock Poetry Festival
Poetry of Witness & Provocation
Washington, DC

Other White Crane Institute projects include:

  • The Quarterly publication White Crane Journal.  White Crane Journal is distributed in 23 countries.
  • White Crane Books: Books of Gay Wisdom and Culture
  • The online Gay Wisdom Daily Digest “This Day In Gay History”
  • Sponsorship of documentary film projects that explore Gay culture and wisdom
  • Sponsorship of cultural content for LGBT community centers around the country.


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