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A Prophet in His Own Land
A Malcolm Boyd Reader
By Malcolm Boyd
Edited by Bo Young and Dan Vera
With a Foreword by Bishop Gene Robinson

ISBN: 9781590210116

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Gay/straight, Christian/atheist, coffeehouse or pulpit, poet or prose, Malcolm Boyd is an exemplar of the American tradition of life’s adventure and free-thinking. He is a gift to anyone who takes the time to encounter him in his writings.

To celebrate Malcolm Boyd’s 85th birthday, and in recognition of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s awarding of the Pioneer Award to him and his partner Mark Thompson for lifetime achievement, White Crane Books is proud to announce the publication of A Prophet in His Own Land: A Malcolm Boyd Reader, a compendium of five decades of his prose, poetry, prayers and interviews. This is the first collection of Boyd’s writings assembled under one cover, offering the gamut of the man’s heart, mind and soul to first-time readers or long-time readers alike. Compiled by Bo Young and Dan Vera, editors of White Crane: the Journal of Gay Wisdom & Culture, the collection begins with the first writings Boyd produced, reflecting presciently on his insider’s knowledge and experience in the motion picture business and the American culture machine and span his coffeehouse years with comedian Dick Gregory and the early involvement as a Freedom Marcher with Dr. Martin Luther King. With thirty books written and/or edited to his credit, this is the first to offer the true measure of the man.

Take Off The Masks
By Malcolm Boyd with a
new introduction by Mark Thompson

ISBN: 1590210654

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For over sixty years, Malcolm Boyd has written truthfully about his own journey to fullness. From theologian to civil rights pioneer to coffee house troubadour to gay rights icon, Boyd has courageously and whole-heartedly shown the way to a deeper, more honest examination of all our lives, leading by example.

White Crane Books is proud to re-release Boyd’s classic spiritual biography and coming out story, Take Off the Masks, for a new generation of readers hungry for its insight, honesty and soulful perception. With a new introduction by Boyd’s life partner, Mark Thompson, and a newly added postscript by Rev. Canon Boyd himself.

ALL: A James Broughton Reader
by James Broughton
Edited by Jack Foley


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In a life that stretched from 1913 to 1999 James Broughton witnessed and commented on the twentieth century from the point of view of an outsider. In a time aghast at its own horrors, Broughton championed laughter. He was a poet, not of the ivory tower but of the innovative street, a playful, urban voice with the notion that a poet could change the world. In a rational century, he asserted mystery.

All: A James Broughton Reader collects the range of this acclaimed poet and filmmaker.
Charmed Lives:
Gay Spirit in Storytelling
Edited by Toby Johnson & Steve Berman

2007 Lambda Literary Award Finalist

ISBN: 1590210166

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Storytelling can be a way of spinning straw into gold, of showing ourselves we have drawn a long straw in this life.

Charmed Lives offers readers a collection of fiction and personal essays as an alternative to the stories that society often tells about gay men. Some are whimsical with a touch of enchantment, some profoundly spiritual, others romantic–all offer insight into modern gay life that will inspire and shed light on the grace of being gay with tales of hope against adversity and love over loneliness.
Gay Spirituality:
The Role of Gay Identity
In the Transformation
of Human Consciousness
by Toby Johnson

ISBN: 1590210220
Lambda Literary Award Winner!

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In this Lambda Literary award-winning title, Toby Johnson explores how the rise of gay identity has become an important part of contemporary religious development. This dramatic transformation has resulted due to the perspective of gay men with their ability to step outside the assumptions and conventions of culture and see things from a different point of view. This book will reward readers seeking new insight into faith as well as culture, myth and traditions.

Johnson’s vision of a life-affirming, sex-positive spirituality of love, cooperation, mutual respect and acceptance is in sync with modern scientific knowledge, and does not ask the reader to suspend logic or critical thinking. Gay Christians who are struggling with their sexual orientation will especially appreciate Johnson’s convincing refutation of common “biblical” anti-gay arguments. A powerful book for personal change and a great gift to a gay friend who is unhappy with his life or suffering from low self-esteem.
Queering the Text
Biblical, Medieval, and
Modern Jewish Stories
by Andrew Ramer ,with an Introduction by Jay Michaelson and Afterwords by Rabbi Camille Shira Angel and Rabbi Dev Noily

ISBN: 1590211839

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Andrew Ramer’s new book, Queering the Text: Biblical, Medieval, and Modern Jewish Stories , grapples with traditional midrashim, plays with homoerotic love poems from medieval Spain , and envisions alternate versions of the present. Inspired by the pioneering work of Jewish feminists, using the same narrative tools as the rabbis of old, Ramer has crafted stories that anchor LGBT lives in the three thousand year old history of the Jewish people. ”The universe is made up of stories, not atoms,” wrote poet Muriel Rukeyser. The stories in this book will transport you to a new universe the one we are striving to create, right here and now.

What it gives us is the beauty of his written word and the wisdom of his mind. I will always feel indebted to him for that.
— Amos Lassen, Lambda Literary

Andrew Ramer is a poet, novelist, midrashist, and body worker. He writes a regular column on spiritual practice for White Crane and has published six books, including the Gay classic Two Flutes Playing (also available on this site (below). He can be found online at
Two Flutes Playing
A Spiritual Journeybook
For Gay Men
by Andrew Ramer
New Introduction by Mark Thompson

ISBN: 1590210239

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“We had many saints, many heroes, both female and male, but I want to speak here of the saints and heroes of the gay tribes. For this is a period of human history that has been lost through time, whose return is vitally needed. For you know the heroes of the other tribes. But of this small, sacred tribe, whose history has been obscured, you remember nothing.”

So tells acclaimed author Andrew Ramer in Two Flutes Playing. Within these pages can be found insight and wisdom. Ramer serves as a mythologist for gay men, providing evidence to the harmony of gender, love and sex. A new introduction by the author reveals why this book’s timeless message has once more returned to print as the inaugural title in the White Crane Spirituality Series.

Michael Bails (Seattle WA) writing an unsolicited review on the site says: “I was recommended this book after having taken a Body Electric workshop a few weeks before. From the first page I began to re-live the entire bonding rituals that we had experienced over that weekend. How to connect, how to communicate, and how to intimately bond on a higher plane! … A definite “must have” book for the gay tribe who would like to interact spiritually and emotionally!”

Gay Spirit:
Myth & Meaning
by Mark Thompson
With a new introduction by the author

ISBN: 1590210247

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Arguably the book that started
the Gay Spirituality Movement.

Publishers Weekly wrote: Cultural editor of The Advocate, Thompson here collects previously published articles and book excerpts from the magazine, each an attempt to define the status of gay men. In an introduction he distinguishes between homosexual (a form of sexuality) and gay: “A social identity and consciousness actively chosen.”

The text discusses the gay’s role in politics, religion, culture, identity. Among the contributors are Judy Grahn, Malcolm Boyd, Harry Hay, William S. Burroughs, Geoff Mains and many others.

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