AHMED TEVFIK PASHA, the last Ottoman grand vizier, born (d: 1922?); He held office during two different periods before his last (a total of four different periods officially since his first office also saw a change of sultan). This first office was from April 13, 1909 to May 5, 1909 under Abdullahmid II in the beginning, and then under Mehmed VI Reşad.

His two other prime ministries were between November 11, 1918 – March 3, 1919 and October 21, 1920 – November 4, 1922, in the interval of which Damat Ferid Pasha held office. Aside from his wild, gay youth, from which he apparently “recovered” to please his English masters under whom he ruled, there’s little here worth reporting. Once you’ve seen one wild, gay youth, you’ve seen them all.