KING GUSTAF V OF SWEDEN (d. 1950); Before the game became as bloody as a chain-saw murder drive-in movie, tennis was a bit of a joke to red-blooded, beer-swilling manly men. The very mention of the phrase, “tennis anyone?” in a play or a film telegraphed that the chap in white was as queer as an arrangement of pansies in an English drawing room.

Gustav V was tall and thin, wore pince-nez eyeglasses and sported a pointed goatee and mustache for most of his teen years. Gustav V was a devoted tennis player, appearing under the pseudonym Mr G. As a player and promoter of the sport, Gustav was elected in to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1980.

Gustaf, as he was called by his adoring subjects, is said to have taken up the game to be near the willowy blonds who specialized in knowing how to serve. The king was accused of being homosexual by a man named Kurt Haijby and the royal court paid Haijby a substantial sum of money for his silence, this came to public notice through the Haijby Affair.

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