The diminutive creator of Peter Pan, JAMES M. BARRIE, whose whimsical fairy-tale play kept Maude Adams, Jean Arthur and Mary Martin gainfully employed for many years, was also responsible for other popular plays and novels, including The Admirable Crichton, Dear Brutus, and The Little Minister. He once wrote a play called What Every Woman Knows, which is decidedly not what almost every woman wants.

Like Mrs. J.M. Barrie for example. Her marriage was never consummated and she wasn’t particularly happy about it. But then, Barrie never consummated any relationship with anyone, including his strange friendship with the three Davies boys, whose guardian he became after their parents died. The great love of Barrie’s life, George Davies, was only five years old when the playwright met him one day while walking his dog. The precocious child took him home, and the remainder of this bizarre story is superbly told in J.M. Barrie and The Lost Boys. It is one of the oddest closet stories ever told.