FERRUCCIO BUSONI, Italian pianist and composer was born on this date (d. 1924); an Italian composer, pianist, teacher of piano and composition, writer on musical questions, and conductor. This important musician was torn by several major conflicts. Like Rachmaninoff, he was one of the great pianists of his day, yet yearned for more time for composing, his first love.

He was an Italian who wanted to contribute to the musical life of his own country, and yet was far more attracted to the musical heritage of Germany, where he settled and spent most of his life. He was married, but apparently liked the fellas, too. At least that’s what pianist Egon Petri (1881-1962) claimed – and he was in a position to know. He once walked in on his famous teacher and discovered him in bed with Italian Futurist painter, Umberto Boccioni.