The American actress and comedienne ‘MOMS’ MABLEY was born (d. 1975). Though she had four children and five grandchildren, Mabley never married and she lived most of her life as a Lesbian.

Although she was not “out” in the modern sense, certainly Moms Mabley did break taboos and challenge assumptions throughout her career with her character of an old woman, who was sexual, savvy, and irrepressible.

The girl who survived childhood rape to carve out a successful career in the inhospitable world of show business grew up to be Moms, who described her television appearances by saying, “I looked at the world as my children.”  Her albums include: The Funniest Woman In The World, Moms Mabley At The UN (1961), Young men si, Old men no, Live at the Apollo, The Funny Sides Of Moms Mabley; The Musicals: Miss Bandana (1927), Fast and Furious (1931); and the films: Emperor Jones (1933), Big Timers (1945), Boardinghouse Blues (1948), Killing Diller (1948), and Amazing Grace (1974).