Pioneering psychologist and daughter of Siggy, ANNA FREUD was born on this date (d.1982). A pioneer in the field of child psychoanalysis, Freud neither conformed to conventional heterosexual expectations nor identified herself explicitly as a Lesbian. Even though it is impossible to know whether Freud was homosexual, it is relatively easy to conclude that she was decidedly not heterosexual in any typical sense.

Anna Freud’s primary relationships were with her father, with whom she lived and cared for until his death in 1939, and two close female friends, Lou Andreas-Salome and Dorothy Burlingham. Burlingham became Freud’s life partner and companion, although the sexual nature of their intimacy remains unclear.

Burlingham moved to Vienna in 1925 to begin her work in psychoanalysis. She lived with the Freud family in their apartment at Berggasse 19, which at that time included Sigmund Freud, his wife Martha, her sister Minna Bernays, and Anna Freud. She and Anna Freud became close friends and began their life-long collaboration on developing children’s therapies and psychoanalysis. They worked and lived together for the rest of their lives. Freud helped raise Burlingham’s children from a previous marriage.