“DER EIGENE”, the first Gay journal in the world, was published from 1896 to 1932 by Adolf Brand in Berlin. Though there were two prior issues to this date, this was the first issue that was fully Gay in its content. Brand contributed many poems and articles himself. Other contributors included Benedict Friedlander, Hanns Heinz, Erich Muhsam, Kurt Hiller, Ernst Burchard, John Henry Mackay, Theodor Lessing, Klaus Mann and Thomas Mann, as well as artists Wilhelm von Gloeden, Fidus and Sascha Schneider.

Like White Crane, the journal may have had an average of around 1500 subscribers per issue during its run, but the exact numbers are uncertain. The title of the journal, Der Eigene (“The Own”), refers to the classic anarchist work Der Einzige und sein Eigentum (1844) by Max Stirner. Early issues reflected the philosophy of Stirner, as well as other views on the politics of anarchism, but in the 1920s the journal shifted to support the liberal democracy of the Weimar Republic and more specifically the Social Democratic Party.

Der Eigene interwove cultural, artistic, and political material, including lyric poetry, prose, political manifesto and nude photography. A winning combination in our opinion.