T.H. WHITE, British author (d. 1964); English author best known for his sequence of Arthurian novels, The Once and The Future King, first published together in 1958, Terence Hanbury White, known to his friends as Tim White, may be said to have spent most of his life fleeing from his sexuality, which he feared. “The best thing for being sad is to learning something,” said Merlin in The Sword and The Stone, the first book of White’s Arthurian books.

Throughout his life he armed himself against his Gayness by exploring new fields of knowledge and endeavor – whether it was painting or plowing a field, hunting or Irish history, the Arthurian legends, flying or falconry – all of which became the raw material for his many books. The author of The Once and The Future King (which, of course, became Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot) allowed himself to love without reserve only once, and the recipient of that love was his red Irish setter, Brownie. Sad.