English actor, director, and producer and the recipient of scores of awards (and who has a major British acting award named for him), SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER was born. Although married three times, there are numerous stories about Olivier’s relationships with men. One comes courtesy of actor David Niven who, during the filming of Streetcar Named Desire (1951), discovered Olivier with Marlon Brando in the garden of his second wife Vivien Leigh’s mansion. They were swimming in the pool. Olivier was kissing Brando. “I turned my back to them and went back inside to join Vivien. I’m sure she knew what was going on, but she made no mention of it. Nor did I. One must be sophisticated about such matters in life.”

The other story comes from Olivier’s third wife, the actress Joan Plowright who documented Olivier’s ten-year long relationship with actor Danny Kaye. Although many of his biographers have attempted to refute the claim, Joan Plowright confirmed it, stating, “I have always resented the comments that it was I who was the home-wrecker of Larry’s marriage to Vivien Leigh. Danny Kaye was attached to Larry far earlier than I.”