DAN DAILEY, American actor, born (d. 1978); Dailey was one of 20th Century Fox’s most reliable and versatile actors. Whether he was appearing in a glossy musical as a song and dance man squiring Betty Grable through her routines or acting in a straight drama role, he brightened many an otherwise undistinguished film.

In fact, it’s hard to think of many Fox pictures made between the late ‘40s and late ‘50s that he wasn’t in. Many people who were based in Hollywood or New York during those years remember his visits to the local Gay bars, the polite whispers without pointing, and the path that parted like the Red Sea when he walked by. One wonders whether anyone ever so much as talked to him. Cesar Romero, in his outrageous interview in Boze Hadleigh’s Hollywood Gays, confirms it though.