WARREN MILLER was born (d: 1966) Author of The Cool WorldFlush Times and Looking For The General. James Baldwin called The Cool World “one of the best novels of Harlem that has yet come my way.”

The book was set in Harlem and was received well for its portrayal of Harlem in the early 1960s. June Jordan wrote that the novel contained “some of the most beautiful and rhythmic sentences ever printed.” Miller was a white author writing about black life, but Jordan wrote that he was “gifted with an extraordinary, accurate and willing ear.”

Miller counted among his friends and fans writers as diverse as Conor Cruise O’Brien, Dan Wakefield, Paul Engle, and Victor Navasky. Miller wrote that he “was striving for some kind of fusion of Miss [Djuna] Barnes’ sensibility and [John] Dos Passos’ social consciousness.”