RODDY McDOWALL, English actor born (d. 1998) McDowall made his first major film appearance at age twelve (though he had previously appeared in several British films), after he and his family came to America because of The Blitz. He played as “Huw” in How Green Was My Valley (1941) that he made his name, and he appeared in other films as a child actor, including The White Cliffs of Dover (1944) and Lassie Come Home (1943) where he co-starred (on the first of many occasions) opposite lifelong friend Elizabeth Taylor. He appeared frequently on Hollywood Squares, and occasionally came up with funny (read “closet” ala Charles Nelson Reilly, ala Paul Lynde) quips himself.

For example: In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, what does Queen Gertrude get that was meant for her famous son?

McDOWALL: A dozen roses and a box of candy.