DICK SARGENT, American actor (d. 1994); Sargent is best known for his portrayal of “the second Darrin Stephens” on the television series Bewitched. Later in life, he came out and supported Gay Rights issues. He had long hidden his sexual orientation, appearing with lesbian actress Fannie Flagg on the 1970s game show Tattletales as a couple. The game show featured celebrity married couples, and Sargent and Flagg claimed they were dating.

In reality, Sargent lived with life partner Albert Williams until his death. In June 1992, and in keeping with Los Angeles’ unfathomable proclivity for selecting less than admirable, closety role models (putting a whole new spin on “there is no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity) to put forward (hey, at least Sargent was gay!…unlike a bimbo heiress who shall remain nameless…) Sargent was a Grand Marshal of the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade along with former co-star and LGBT ally, Elizabeth Montgomery. This writer always thought “Dick Sargent” would have made a great porn name.