RIP TAYLOR, American actor, was born on this date (d: 2019); an openly gay American actor and comedian. Taylor was known for his high-voiced yells, zany hair (which was a toupée), and bushy handlebar mustache over a perpetual toothy grin. He always entered a venue tossing handfuls of confetti from a paper bag onto his audience and laughing hysterically, while the band played his theme song, “Happy Days Are Here Again.” Taylor’s comedic style included horrible puns, often in conjunction with props (for example, holding up a plastic fish full of holes and exclaiming “Holy Mackerel!”) and miming along to novelty records (including the works of Spike Jones). If he got little or no reaction following one of his jokes, he stopped for a moment and yells at the audience: “I don’t dance, folks! This is it!” Or, “Hello? Can you people hear me?”  Taylor, 83 today, was married to Rusty Rowe.