Today was the birthday of Mexican director, screenwriter and editor JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. Often compared to Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, Hermosillo’s films often explored the hypocrisy of middle-class Mexican values. He was out Gay and explored such themes in his work. His films include Esmeralda Comes by Night, Forbidden Homework, El Misterio de Los Almendros, and the gay classic Dona Herlinda and Her Son.

He worked with Gabriel García Márquez on Mary My Dearest (1979) and The Summer of Miss Forbes. His film Homework was entered into the 17th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Special Mention.

At the time of his death Hermosillo was teaching film-making at the University of Guadalajara and had recently collaborated with his students on several projects.  In January 2020, Hermosillo died at the age of 77, nine days before his 78th birthday.