TOM WILSON WEINBERG, American composer and musician, was born; A songwriter and singer who has written words and music for the Off-Broadway shows Ten Percent Revue and Get Used To It!, two solo albums, Gay Name Game and All-American Boy, and the Stonewall 25 CD, Don’t Mess With Mary. His songs have appeared on several recordings by other artists, including the soundtrack of Beavis and Butthead Do America, Feeding the Flame, an AIDS benefit compilation, Ron Romanofsky’s Hopeful Romantic and Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus CD,SING OUT. Gay Name Game (1979) and All-American Boy (1982) were among the first gay-themed albums. Both were released by Aboveground Records under the name Tom Wilson. In 1982 he assumed the family name Weinberg.

Ten Percent Revue opened in Boston in 1985 and played four summers in Provincetown, produced by Laura Green, who took the show to New York in 1988. On tour the show earned two Los Angeles Drama-Logue Awards, three Golden Gull Awards (Provincetown), and the Bessie Smith Award (Boston).