HOLLY WOODLAWN, Puerto Rican actress, born (d: 2015); Born Haroldo Santiago Franceschi Rodriguez Danhakl, Woodlawn was a Warhol superstar, who appeared in his movies Trash (1970) and Women in Revolt (1972). Her life was summarized by Lou Reed in his song Walk On The Wild Side:


Holly came from Miami FLA,

hitch-hiked her way across the USA,

plucked her eyebrows on the way,

shaved her legs, and then he was a she…

She met Andy Warhol in the Factory at a screening of Flesh. Through him she met Jackie Curtis, who cast Woodlawn in her play Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit in the autumn of 1969. In October she was assigned a bit role in Trash, but so impressed director Paul Morrissey that she was given a larger role. In 1970 she received word from the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences that George Cukor, supported by others, was petitioning the Academy to nominate her for Trash – but, nothing came of this campaign.

In May 1971, Woodlawn replaced Candy Darling at the La Mama Theatre, New York in a production of Vain Victory written and directed by Jackie Curtis. She was arrested and briefly incarcerated in Puerto Rico after being caught shoplifting.

By 1976 the work had dried up, and Woodlawn moved to San Francisco. She returned to New York later in the year and had a brief revival after appearing on Geraldo Rivera’s talk show before being jailed again in 1977 for not fulfilling a previous probation obligation. She was released on the appeal of politician Ethan Geto, who helped organize a benefit for her.

Woodlawn continued to make cameo appearances in plays and films such as Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss throughout the 1980s and 1990s. After Warhol’s death, she was a frequently requested commentator on his life and influence. She lived in West Hollywood. She died from brain and liver cancer and was remembered in the Memoriam segment at the 88th Academy Awards.