ANDREW TOBIAS, An American journalist, author, and columnist. His main body of work is on investment, but he has also written on politics, insurance, and other topics. Tobias wrote the semi-autobiographical novel The Best Little Boy in the World under the pen name “John Reid” back in 1973 (which this writer clumsily adapted for stage in 1979). He used a pen name because he wasn’t comfortable then with publicly disclosing his homosexuality to a broad audience. This book was later republished in 1998 under his real name to coincide with the sequel, The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up.

In 1999, he became the treasurer of the Democratic National Committee, a post he left in 2017. Tobias is the partner of fashion designer Charles Nolan. Tobias was Grand Marshall of the 2005 New York City Gay Pride Parade.