GLENN HUGHES, American singer (Village People)was  born (d. 2001); Hughes was the original “Biker” character in the disco group The Village People from 1977 to 1996. Originally the group of all Gay members, except for the heterosexual lead singer Victor Willis, was created to target disco’s Gay fan base, but the band’s popularity quickly became mainstream.

Glenn’s powerful bass voice played an important part in the background lyrics of almost all Village People’s most known hits, such as In The Navy. He sported an extravagant handlebar mustache (or more correctly a “horseshoe” mustache) and wore his trademark leather outfit on stage and off. As he was the band’s “biker” and a real life fanatic, he kept his motorcycle parked inside his home.

Hughes, who was also referred to by the masses as “Leatherman,” was named to People Magazine’s 1979 list of most beautiful people. He died in March 2001 at age 50 in his apartment in Manhattan from lung cancer.