WILLIAM FINN, an American composer, born; an award-winning American composer and lyricist, especially of musicals. Finn is a heavily autobiographical writer (he always writes his own lyrics); his topics are the gay and Jewish experiences in contemporary America, and very often conflict, loyalty, family, belonging, sickness, healing, and loss.

Finn is especially well noted for his work on what was to become a trilogy of short musical shows off-Broadway. In Trousers, March of the Falsettos, and Falsettoland all chronicle the lives of the character Marvin, his ex-wife Trina, his boyfriend, Whizzer, his psychiatrist, Mendel, and his son, Jason. He lives with his life partner in New York City, where he is an independent composer and writer. He is also “Adjunct Faculty Composer/Lyricist” at NYU.

A revival of Falsettos opened on Broadway at theĀ Walter Kerr Theatre in September 2016, in previews and officially on October 27, directed by James Lapine..