On this date the American archaeologist, teacher and Gay & Lesbian activist PAUL REHAK was born in Ann Arbor Michigan (d. 2004). He studied at the University of Michigan and Bryn Mawr College. Rehak’s research interests extended from prehistoric and Classical Greece to Imperial Rome. He taught at the College of Wooster, American University of Paris, Chicago’s Loyola University and Duke University.

At Duke he was also popular as an out activist for Gay and Lesbian rights. In March 2004, just months before his death, the University of Kansas promoted him to associate professor. Rehak died in June 2004 of complications from a heart attack aggravated by a long struggle living with AIDS. Two years after his death his book Imperium and Cosmos: Augustus and the Northern Campus Martius was published by the University of Wisconsin Press. The book was edited by John G. Younger from a work in progress at the time of Rehak’s death.