MARC SHAIMAN, American writer, stage, screen and TV director, born; It would be easy to hate the prolific, charmed, music genius Marc Shaiman if it weren’t impossible to dislike him. He wrote Uncle F***a! He played Skip St. Thomas, the Sweeney Sisters’ pianist on SNL. He’s produced hit songs (Wind Beneath My Wings, From a Distance) written the music and lyrics for fifty-one movies (Broadcast News, When Harry Met Sally, The Addams Family, South Park, Bowling for Columbine, Team America) and fifteen theater shows (Bette: Divine Madness, The Odd Couple, Hairspray). He’s won a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy, and has been nominated for an Oscar five times.

All that, and he has been with his music collaborator and former partner Scott Wittman, since 1979 when Shaiman was 20. They have never, ever lost their sense of fun, as their music and their wardrobes attest. Their next two projects: The unforgivable Jack Nicholson mawkfest The Bucket List and the Broadway musical version of Catch Me If You Can.

Shaiman married Lieutenant Commander Louis Mirabal on March 26, 2016