ROSIE O’DONNELL, American comedian, actress, talk show host, and publisher, born; An 11-time Emmy Award-winning American comedian, TV talk show host, author and film and television actress, O’Donnell has also been magazine editor and continues to be a celebrity blogger, and, it must be said, a somewhat reluctant LGBT civil rights activist.

In her January 2002 appearance on the sitcom Will & Grace, she played a Lesbian mom. A month later as part of her act at the Ovarian Cancer Research benefit at Caroline’s Comedy Club O’Donnell came out as a Lesbian, announcing “I’m a dyke!” “I don’t know why people make such a big deal about the Gay thing. … People are confused, they’re shocked, like this is a big revelation to somebody.” The announcement came two months before the end of the hosting of her talk show.

Although she also cited the need to put a face to Gays and Lesbians her primary reason was to bring attention to the Gay adoption issue. O’Donnell also is a foster — and adoptive — mother. She protested against adoption agencies, particularly in Florida, that refused adoptive rights to Gay and Lesbian parents.

Diane Sawyer interviewed O’Donnell in an episode of PrimeTime Thursday, she told USA Today she chose to talk to Sawyer because she wanted an investigative piece on Florida’s ban on Gay adoption. She told Sawyer if that was done, “I would like to talk about my life and how (the case) pertains to me.” She spoke about the two Gay men in Florida who face having a foster child they raised removed from their home. State law won’t let them adopt because Florida bans Gay or bisexual people from adopting.

O’Donnell returned to the television talk show The View, but announced after only eight months that she was leaving to spend more time with her children and because she and her wife were divorcing.

O’Donnell was the focus of the late of the White House who never seemed to tire of making offensive and insulting comments about her. O’Donnell, perfectly capable of giving as good as she gets, often returned the favor. There was a great deal of excitement that Rosie might appear on Saturday Night Live as White House resident Nazi Steve Bannon. We lived in hope.