JEFF STRYKER, born; American porn star who starred in Gay, straight, and bisexual adult films. He is primarily famous as a performer in Gay films…oh c’mon….who are we kidding? He’s famous for his big, beautiful cock that is attached to a very handsome man/boy. 

He later admitted to being bisexual, describing his sexuality as “universal.” Filmmaker John Waters called Jeff Stryker “the Cary Grant of porno.” He is also noted for the “Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls,” a rubber dildo fashioned from a cast of his penis and widely sold in sex stores. The dildo was academically analyzed in a paper presented at the 1995 Bowling Green State University Conference in Cultural Studies: Lesbian Pornography and Transformation: Foucault, Bourdieu, and de Certeau Make Sense of the Jeff Stryker Dildo, by Mary T. Conway, then a graduate student at Temple University. Stryker lives in California. He’s 56 years old. His dick is immortal.