WASH WEST, English Gay porn film director born; West recently emerged as a nationally-known independent film director with his 2006 release, “Quinceañera”, which had a double Sundance win (Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize), and also picked up the Humanitas Prize, and the John Cassavetes Spirit Award. He has directed under the names Wash Westmoreland, Bobby Dazzler and Bud Light.

His first work in film was in Gay porn. Toolbox and Dr Jerkoff and Mr Hard were his first significant films both for BIG Video, a minor label and directed under the name Wash West. He wrote and directed Naked Highway for BIG Video. This film received high praise from many critics.

The film is about one man’s across country trip to find his boyfriend and meeting an outlaw in a stolen car. They decide to ride together. The film was filled with daring music, deep saturated color alternating with washed out sections and black and white sequences. The lead performances were engaging and the film was made for a fraction of the budget of most major porn releases of the time. The film was also released in a softcore edit and made available in more mainstream outlets.

In 1997, he won the award for “Best Video of the Year” at the Adult Erotic Video Awards for this film. He also won directing, writing and videography awards at the 1998 AVN Awards, the “BestGay Video” award. West also won an editing award for his work on Dr Jerkoff and Mr Hard and lead star Jim Buck was honored as the “Best Actor” for his performance in Naked Highway, “Newcomer of the Year” and “Performer of the Year” awards at the same ceremony. West directed the mainstream film The Fluffer, a film which was set in the Gay porn industry but contained no explicit sex. The film received generally favorable reviews and was successful enough that West proved he could helm more mainstream films. He co-directed this film with his professional and personal partner, Richard Glatzer.