CYNTHIA NIXON, American actress, born today; A Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress best known for her portrayal of lawyer Miranda Hobbes in the popular HBO dramedy Sex and The City (1998–2004). Nixon has two children, daughter Samantha and son Charles Ezekiel with Danny Mozes, an English professor, with whom she had a relationship from 1988 to 2003.

In 2004, it was reported that Nixon had been in a nearly year-long relationship with the education activist Christine Marinoni. In 2005, the New York Post and other sources reported that Nixon had moved to Brooklyn to live with Marinoni. However, Nixon told the The New York Times in January 2006 that she had not moved and that keeping her kids in their Manhattan public schools took priority. Discussing her relationship in an interview in New York Magazine in 2006, Nixon stated that she never felt any struggle with her sexuality: “I never felt like there was an unconscious part of me around that woke up or that came out of the closet; there wasn’t a struggle, there wasn’t an attempt to suppress. I met this woman, I fell in love with her, and I’m a public figure.”

Nixon’s bears a strong resemblance to 19th century poet Emily Dickinson, and plays her in the new biopic A Quiet Passion

In March 2018 Nixon announced her candidacy for governor of the State of New York. She has been active in politics and education or over 15 years. The contest was one of the marquee Democratic primaries in the nation at the time, as Ms. Nixon was widely expected to challenge Mr. Cuomo from the political left.

Her campaign immediately cast Mr. Cuomo as a “centrist and Albany insider,” and some of her initial rhetoric on inequality echoed Senator Bernie Sanders.

“We are now the most unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty,” she said in a video announcing her candidacy. If she had been elected, Ms. Nixon would  have become the first female governor, and the first openly Gay governor, in New York history.

Alas, it was not to be.