ROBERT GANT, American actor, born; Beginning in 2001, the handsome Gant starred in television in Showtime’s Queer As Folk as Ben Bruckner, his best-known role to date. He attended undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Georgetown University. While studying law, he never gave up on his true passion, acting, and performed in numerous theatrical productions.

It was his career as a lawyer that brought him to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world’s largest law firm; the firm’s Los Angeles office was closed soon after, so he decided to focus all of his time on acting. Prior to Queer as Folk, he appeared on the WB’s Popular and on NBC’s Caroline in the City.

Gant has made guest appearances on TV programs such as Friends, Veronica’s Closet, Becker, Melrose Place, Ellen, Providence and Nip/Tuck. He also appeared in the independent films The Contract, Fits and Starts and Marie and Bruce, starring Julianne Moore and Matthew Broderick.

In June 2004, Gant, along with actress Cady Huffman (star of Broadway play The Producers), filmed Billy’s Dad is a Fudgepacker. The short film is an homage to 1950s educational films.

Along with producing partners Chad Allen, and Christopher Racster, Robert has started the film and television production company, “Mythgarden“. They have optioned a slate of initial projects, each with varying degrees of Gay-focused content, and are developing a number of other films and television shows. While he gives time to a number of philanthropic and political causes, Gant’s “torch issue” is that of aging in the Gay community. He supports such organizations as SAGE (Senior Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and GLEH (Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing). He is also developing a website devoted entirely to Gay elders and matters that affect them.